How Much Revenue is Your Competitor's Site Bringing In?

Our monthly revenue report is built on publicly available information and is 95% accurate to their actual sales for that period.

How Are They Doing It?

What advertising is your competitor running to drive traffic to their website?

  • Facebook Ads

    We will track and include in our monthly reports the Facebook Ads your competitor is running.

  • Google Ads

    We will track and include in our monthly reports the Google Ads your competitor is running.

Monthly Stats

Each Month, get a report on what your competitor has done that previous month. How many new social media followers did they gain? How many times were they mentioned in a news article or blog? What promotions did they run? How many visitors did they receive to their site?

  • 938 New Instagram Followers
  • 10 Emails Sent
  • 14,000 Website Visitors
  • 18 Article Mentions
  • 3 Sales Events

We will track every data point possible about your competition and provide that to you in a monthly report. You will receive recaps of their promotions for the past month, recaps of emails they sent, and recaps of their social media activity. You will receive screen shots of their advertisements and links to the articles/blogs they were mentioned in. We will provide updates on what is currently their best selling products and new their product releases. We will provide analytics about their site traffic (how many visitors, sources of that traffic, etc).

Everything you need to know about your competition in one easy to read monthly email

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